work party day tomorrow 10-2pm

Posted: June 19, 2009 at 6:06 am

lunch provided. hope to see you here!

4 Comments on "work party day tomorrow 10-2pm"

  • Mo says

    OMG… I took all my guys to sam yesterday to be groomed ( A HUGE thank you to Sam ) Gwen looks amazing, levi you simply will not recognize & Roxie is so happy to be all cleanedd up …. I am almost tempted to leave them home so they don’t get covered in mud, sooaked in pond water & back smelling like horse poop… LOL…

    Are we barbequing after the work party ??? or a picnic lunch

  • Zoe says

    Jenny and I are coming ( fingers crossed), with a fleet of young and enthuastic ready-to-haul-butt young people.
    Any painting that needs to be done this time around?

  • dawn says

    Hi Carol,
    I am still going to be there tomorrow to help, but can only get there by 11am. Hope this is ok!!!

  • zoe says

    Jenny and I- both in.
    ETA- 12:00PM.
    Please save something for us to scoop/paint/wash/scrub/bleach, etc.

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