there is probably some way to say this that doesn’t sound odd

Posted: June 24, 2009 at 11:43 pm

but i am tired and sore and can’t think of any…so…like always, i will just be blunt…and odd.
i live with animals who sometimes bite me…it is part of life..i do something to piss them off and bam..i get bit. i can’t say i am totally noble and gracious and then i forgive. i don’t is not necessary cuz i accept getting bitten once in awhile as a part of rescue is no big deal and i forget as soon as the bite stops hurting. the rest of the time, we are fine, life goes on.

i think the growing that we have done in the past few years and the really great animals and people hanging around here are pretty interesting. some folks might be curious to come to the open house and see what saints is all about now. they might want to come but are afraid because of past disagreements that i might actually have a gun. i hold a grudge exactly as long as i do with the dogs.. as long as it takes for the stick poking my butt to stop poking at me. then it is done. i have argued occasionally with lots of folks, including my kids…so what?
anyway…., the open house weekend is a weekend for people who love animals and are interested in rescue to come out and visit and see what we do..everyone with a kind and open heart towards senior and special needs animals is welcome.

5 Comments on "there is probably some way to say this that doesn’t sound odd"

  • Zoe says

    Carollllll can you please email me the name/number/code, etc. of the purple paint that we use outside?
    It’s for a secret undercover project.

  • Deb says

    So does this mean the guns will be locked up this weekend? 🙂 What about the swords?

  • Carol says

    sadly the truth of the matter is…had i access to actual swords and guns i probably would have done my self in by is always a good idea to keep dangerous weapons (and explosives) away from children and nutbars…they are just accidents waiting to happen. the paint number..if i remember i will try to look tomorrow..i am too tired tonight and still have a bunch of stuff to do.

  • zoe says

    It’s okay, I figured out a wee alternative.
    P.S. Is it still ok if Jenny and I sleep in the guest loft Saturday night? You can put us to work at 4AM.

  • Carol says

    yes…but mess it up and i will kill you..i spent a couple of hours cleaning that suite so it looks nice for the open house.

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