i am so wonderful…let me count the ways…

Posted: September 9, 2009 at 8:10 am

ok…let’s maybe not start the day off by lying thru my teeth.

reggie is driving me insane…last night i was cheerfully thinking of nuking him and then gave my head a shake…hmmmm…. can i get away with de-barking him instead???

we are upping his elavil..three weeks before we see if that takes the edge off of him. i will have to ask the vets to calculate his maximum daily dose so we don’t accidently on purpose kill the little bugger.

anyway..we both survived the night because i shut him in the big dog room. he kept looking at me thru the gate and i just kept pretending i did not see him looking at me so pathetically.

he is killing me.
he is such a sweet, wanna be loved, little freaking bastard who cannot stop himself from screeching, reacting, and creating absolute chaos. how many times can he get into a no contact, but screaming hysterically fake, but furious fight with 4lane????

reggie has finally pushed phoebe into second place on my list of dogs i wished lived somewhere else.
that is quite a feat.

oh well, i suppose i should keep my murderous and unkind thoughts to myself and just promote the positives of reggie except, i ask you..where is the truth in that?

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  • Tammy says

    See I told you Phoebe wasn’t the worst you have. Some of the others make her look angelic (with a sometimes slightly tarnished halo).

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