deaf or dead? who writes fortunes anyway?

Posted: October 10, 2009 at 8:17 am

tammy, laura, lana, colleen and i all went out for dinner last night…we had chinese. my favorite time is fortune cookie time…here was my fortune…(something like)…”you will soon achieve soundless heavenly peace”…i got kind of excited for a second..i thought that meant soon i would be deaf here…oh yay. no more listening to barking, no more ear stuck to the phones.

sadly laura re-read my fortune (it was dark and i did not have my glasses on) and it said (something like) will soon achieve BOUNDLESS heavenly peace…oh. not so exciting…that sounds more like dead to me now.

i want an accurate fortune that is very specific…(something like..) tomorrow you will forever have more money than you know what to do with.

that would have to  be a lot of money cuz i know what to do with a helluva lot of cash.

the vet was here a couple of days ago about grammy’s knee again…it’s bad.

felix goes into the vet at 9 am today fior re-assess,

i think i am meeting lory and paul at 11 am for the straw.

i am pretty sure i booked at least one tour this weekend and maybe more.

i better get moving here….deaf or dead…saints is beginning it’s morning call.

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