two business type things

Posted: October 10, 2009 at 3:24 pm

1. board of directors and whiskers for wishes committee meeting at saints on sunday oct 18th at 1pm.

2. apparently jeremiah’s previous owner instead of following thru proper legal channels as i suggested is independently trolling thru board members and close associates of saints..please if he contacts you, do not engage in conversation with him…re-direct back to the lawyers and also document the call and let me know. i may ask the lawyers to address this if it continues.


5 Comments on "two business type things"

  • dawn says

    Just a reminder I will be out around noon to replace the switch on your fireplace.
    Are you going to be at SAINTS tomorrow? I have something for you.& Thank you for all the pictures of Este, we really appreciated them.


  • lynne says

    sorry dawn i was out at saints today and will be out again in monday but tomorrow i am going out with my daughter and grandsons. glad you liked estes pics.

  • dawn says

    I will be leaving an envelope there for you. Please remember to find it when you go on Monday.


  • Zoe says

    booooo…i work sundays but i will try and see if i can switch things around to come.

  • lynne says

    sorry dawn did not find any envelope let me know where you put it.

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