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Posted: October 15, 2009 at 10:50 am

I held off bugging the blog readers about the shelter challenge for a while, but we’ve dropped to #26 in North America in the standings. so i will start again. VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

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  • Mo says

    Looking for someone who has a truck that would be willing to pick up a BIG T.V. in Coquitlam and deliver it to SAINTS… and then take away the broken one.

    Will provide gas, lunch & beer and the opportunity to see, meet & touch the crew out there. Please… pretty please

    I am trying to find a recylcing place in Mission that will take the old one… anyone know ?

    Oh Yea… be sure to VOTE too

  • laura says

    I called and Mission Recycling Centre (Mershon st.)will take the old 52″ as long as we do all the unloading.

  • Liana says

    already voted. where are the results listed?

  • Jenn says

    Hey Mo, Perhaps I could try and sucker my bf into doing it … I have to check when his days off are … is there a specific date you need the BIG TV picked up by?

  • Jenn says

    Hey Laura, what date is your bake sale? And when do you need goodies by? Me and a gal from my work will make cupcakes. How many should we make? And what kind do you think will be better? Pumpkin maybe? or chocolate with mint?

  • Lory says

    Chocolate with mint!!

  • Hillevi says

    I’ve been voting every day – including weekends.

  • nicole says

    the Bake Sale is Nov. 27 9:30-5:00 at Scotiabank Mission.
    Laura, can you let us know what kind of items sell the best?
    I’m on day shifts all that week so I will be bringing mine out that morning (i will let you know in advance what I’ll be bringing).

  • nicole says

    and i agree with lory, chocolate with mint!!

  • laura says

    chocolate is always good! baking sells great at our bank…cookies well known kinds choc.chip, peatnut butter, oatmeal etc, squares, cupcakes, fudge, loaves, pies, it all goes! make sure it is labeled so buyers know what it is. everyone start baking now and freezing it till the sale…more baking = more $$$$

  • Emma says

    Both. Pumpkin and chocolate with mint. Although why stop at two?

  • Jenn says

    I work thurday and friday day … so can i drop them off at SAINTS on thursday night?

  • Barbara says

    Voting every morning and have passed along the link to family and friends.
    Maybe I should be emailing them every morning to be sure they VOTE also – LOL.

  • laura says

    You bet Jenn…but just make sure I’m there for the delivery or else your mom and the crippled crew may eat up all our profits 🙂

  • Mo says

    Jen, it would be great if BF could/would pick up new & get rid of old TV… there is no time limit on when it needs to be picked up, it’s in Coquitlam over by Dawes hill… what kind of beer does he drink ?

  • Jenn says

    We might be able to do it on Monday … don’t worry about beer/gas.

    I just need the address so I can google map it, a contact name/phone number so I can tell them what time etc. and also directions to the Mission recycle depot.

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