pru and daphne one are home

Posted: November 13, 2009 at 6:20 pm

they were both so cute…the staff brought pru into the exam room with daf and me..and both daf and pru speak the exact same language…lets go home, come on honey, lets go home..look at us we are so excited…lets go home, we love you..lets go home…

we came home and both are VERY HAPPY.
pru has some pain meds and ABX’s and must be kept quiet…her underside looks frankensonian with all of her incisions there. plus she had a mass removed from her back so she has sutures up there too.

daffy duck dog can start on some lasix so hopefully her chest will clear out for awhile. anyway…did i say they were both happy? cuz they really are!

copper is home for the weekend…lynne is away so our beagle from hell is here. ok…i thought he was fat before..lynne said now at the vets, he weighed in at 48 pounds..i told him he is pushing a 50 pounder, even for a greedy beagle, that is far too much..time to get his ass in gear and his face out of the food bowl. copper needs a beagle boot camp intervention before he actually explodes.

the phone calls were rough today…a 17 yr old hereford, and 4 little badly messed up things needing about $4000 worth of surgery between them (the pound was only able to raise $250 and cannot in good conscience leave them any longer without the medical care that they need) and an older rotti whose owner i haven’t connected with yet.

the cow was a no…the rotti will be a no..they both have owners who will have to figure things out..the 4 little messed up ones i have to think creatively about….we can get them done up at our vets and just rack the bills up sky high. but even fixed up..will they get adopted? probably not, sorry to say.
renee and angelina worked out a who goes where list to try to fit them in here…23 little shits between my bedroom and the dog room? i don’t think even i can handle that.

they did a good job tho in their thinking…they moved all of the pain in the ass ones out. AND it stays within the size requirements of inside shelter space per animal (their outside space is much greater than that)…cats are 10 square feet each (a 10×10 foot cat room should not hold more that 10 cats)..little dogs are 20 square feet each and big dogs are 40-50 square feet each..this is the math in each communal living space to ensure that each animal has enough personal space around them when they all settle for the night and quit moving around.

this math equation changes drastically by their own choice when they all crowd around you to get some of your dinner…then it is 1.5 square feet per small dog and 3 square feet per big dog as they pack themselves in as tight as they can to get as close to your food as possible.

whatever..i don’t want 23 of the littlest buggers crowding into those 2 rooms….they will ALL want up on the bed.…i totally get how the tinier little dog mind operates.

very deep sigh….too bad there are not more senior, wrecked dog rescues.

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  • Hillevi says

    So glad to hear that Pru and Daphne one are home. Yeah!!! But really, 1.5 and 3 square feet?! I am sure the residents of SAINTS can do much better than that . . . say 6 square inches and 1 square foot for small and large respectively.

    Enjoy your holiday!

  • Carol says

    when food is happening…they ideally like 2 inches of clear space between their body parts and the next guys. tonight we all shared that pasta stuff that mo brought out for me…mmmm. (and mo…you can cook the pasta in water in the microwave cuz i was not trying to boil water on that stove)

  • Carol says

    double deep sigh…the rotti is only 7 and anxious…, will nip occasionally when folks come on the property…home foreclosure..moving on the 20th and could not find a rental that would allow the dog. the breeder refuses to take the dog back, the owner doesn’t know what to do.
    a large middle aged sketchy dog is not going to be easy to place. and not a good candidate for public shelters..i said to do a web search for rescues, put posters up in all of the vet clinics and if worse comes to worse, put her down before letting her go to a crappy home.
    the options and time constraints suck for this dog….praying for a miracle for her.

  • laura says

    Where do they live? I know a lady that has a place in Silverdale to rent and she said dogs are ok.

  • Emma says

    Hi Carol! I just came home tonight and Nudge is doing a “Buddy and Sissy” – that would be lounging in front of the fireplace willing it to turn on!! I got Nudge from you more than two years ago and she has only just clued in to the fact there is a fireplace here! Not the smartest kitten from a litter I would say but God I love my Nudge. She is currently weighing in at 18 pounds – quite rubenesque! She and Copper would make a good pair. Two weeks ago she forced her way into a cupboard that was wedged open only three inches and gorged on a bunch of dry food, got blocked and had to have an enema!

  • Colleen says

    Where do the spacial recommendations come from?

  • Tammy says

    My Sam (formerly Spunk the bathroom cat at SAINTS) is also 18 pounds. Him and Nudge would be quite a pair.

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