my funny story from last night…

Posted: November 14, 2009 at 8:57 pm

yes even on crises nights, someone is funny around here.

when i finally got into bed around 1 am..i was more than exhausted…i was totally dead. consequently i fell asleep within seconds..poof, close eyes and totally out.

i woke a few minutes later to a very familiar sound…bang, bang, bump, bump…shit! copper was into the garbage bin. i flicked on the light and there was the garbage strewn all over the floor, copper had his fat ass shoved most of the way in the bin.

i got up to stop him and clean the mess up when all of a sudden,,daphne 2 (my new good dog) dashed by with a cat food can in her mouth. not only did she piddle across my bare foot as she dashed on by but she dashed by with BOTH of her ears turned inside out. she was happily giving copper the 2 thumbs up for his brilliant midnight garbage idea.

i would appreciate it fat boy if you not corrupt my nice new slim dog when you stop by for the weekend.

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