a quick post from work…daffy had a better night

Posted: January 5, 2010 at 7:21 am

she was coughing at bedtime and again when we got up at (yikes) 5 am this morning…but she settled with her new meds so that is good…at least she can sleep at night.
i have no idea how long this will work for but for last night i am grateful..daff was not yet ready to go yesterday and i don’t want to have to help her until she is.

on a downer note…reggie is still driving me crazy.

frodo’s trailer is being delivered today!!!!

2 Comments on "a quick post from work…daffy had a better night"

  • Mo says

    Carol will we be able to bring the cable from the MP Room … I am envisioning ( not sure that is even a word) having a relaxing evening with Cole & Frodo watching a show or movie… and then I’d like to take Buddy & sissy for an evening of single lovin and then Molly and then ….. : – )

  • emma says

    Would you like to borrow our catsitter dvd? It plays non stop and has all kinds of rodents, birds and fish – Frodo would love it! My cats do! Nicole has witnessed this TV addiction amongst cats.

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