no more weiners at saints

Posted: January 12, 2010 at 8:49 am

we have had non stop diarrhea here…donny, 4lane,felix, rose, caspar and now myles…it has to be the weiners they got on sunday….apparently hotdogs and old dogs don’t mix very well.

murph slept on my pillow last night…he is not soft and squishy like daffy…more round and solid like gilbert i think. he does want to go home tho, he didn’t really say anything except he kept his face pointing towards the window. to him last night, it is the way home….i feel badly for him….it is ok murph, you will eventually feel comfortable here too…i promise. and if we can find you a new great home, we will as soon as possible!

it is hard for the dogs coming from beloved single homes…the pound and emotionally neglected dogs are happy to come here but the good home dogs know they lost something pretty special…a great home of their own.
life sometimes sucks murph…but all we can do is rememeber….hope floats.

and yes…even animals can grieve.

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