pondering poop and phoebe

Posted: January 21, 2010 at 5:13 pm

when the staff left for the day..i asked them to divide the bedroom, dogroom dogs in half and close the gate. that way whichever room had the bloody diarrhea, only contained half as many suspects.
i come home tonight..no poop in either room..wow, that was a surprize. that is like the first time that has happened in the last five years….still it pissed me off, it was a good plan..uncooperative bastards.

in pondering rose..let’s switch gears and ponder for a moment, phoebe.

yesterday she bit murph on the lip..today that little hag jumped tyra at the pond and would not let go of tyra’s face…while rose is full of intrinsic goodness…phoebe has a real mean streak inside. that dog is so lucky that i love her (somedays i don’t like her very much) and i can see value in her (somewhere) cuz otherwise she would be toast.

anyway the staff dragged out her crate again and the little hag-ette is back in jail. what i don’t get is…why can she be good for awhile and then the meanness just has to lash out again? that dog is making conscious choices..this month i will be nice and tomorrow i won’t. and the thing about phebers is….she is totally selfishly aware. but so are some others…like cole and tyra and al and jewel but they still put limits on themselves.
phoebe places no limits on herself at all…unless i happen to be watching..then she is pretty good at watching her step….and it is a real choice on her part cuz she does not like it when i catch her being bad.

and here is another truth in rescue..the rose’s may seem like they need you the most..but it is the phoebe’s, the mean little nasty hags, that need you more.

too bad i know this, cuz today i really would like to lose her…i am stuck with that dog forever..and i can almost guarantee that i won’t feel remotely warm and fuzzy about her on a continual basis until she at least reaches 18 or 19 and is totally wrecked and old….shit…10 or 11 years to go.

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  • Mia says


    If it makes you feel any better, MANY German Pinchers are just like Pheobe. Terra and I just got a call for another one and I jokingly said to Terra we should call you to see if you wanted Pheobe’s twin!!! The dog was exactly the same as Pheobe just in a black and tan package…..

    I am thankful you have her and put up with her crap.

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