still practicing posting pictures

Posted: February 28, 2010 at 6:49 pm

did you guys ever get to see the completed hideaway suite? sigh..i don’t get to see it anymore either cuz colleen lives in it now…but now i remember that i quite liked it!



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  • Colleen says

    Ohhh great. Now it reminds me of HOW it looked. I have stuff up to the rafters now. A freaking mess. I have 14 boxes of *stuff* I need to dump. Now that we live in a large closet I have learned what is vital and what is crap. I am SUPPOSED to be hanging onto the 14 boxes for a garage sale but, uuummmm, NOT gonna’ happen. 6 boxes are books, ranging from fluff to K9 health. Anyone want them??

    Salvation Army here we come!

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