is someone willing to do some indepth research for us….

Posted: July 1, 2010 at 5:48 am

lately i have been getting quite a few emails from folks not looking necessarily for help from us but for help in their own geographical area…i usually just send back an email saying i do not know anyone who specializes in seniors and special needs in their area…but maybe i should.

anyway if someone has good computer researching skills and wants to compile a list of senior and special needs rescues, we could post them on the website.

i think the ones lately have been from alberta, ontario, california and todays was from north carolina.

maybe a list would be helpful to others who live far away.

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  • nicole says

    the senior dog project has a pretty good list, but I don’t know how often they update it.

  • nicole says

    and yes, they still have us listed at the old website address, i’ve emailed them multiple times but it still hasn’t changed.

  • Mauro Salles says

    I compiled a list some months ago:

    The Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary

    The Senior Dogs Project

    Old Dog Haven

    The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs

    The Old Dog House

    The Grey Muzzle Organization


    House with a heart

    Old Dogs Paws

    Peace of Mind Dog Rescue

  • Maggie says


    I’m currently not working and spend a lot of time on the web and have been told I should be a private investigator because of my “research” skills. I’d like to help you with this list. What type of information would you like? Name and contact info? a link?

  • Mauro Salles says

    Carol, I tried to send you a list, two or three times, but the comments didn’t show up. Please confirm or deny receiving, because sometimes comments containing URLs (Internet addresses) are blocked.

  • Jenn says

    *Mauro your list was send to the spam … I rescued it! lol

    **Nicole … I have two ideas …

    1. perhaps we can have a page on our website that Carol and others can refer people too about senior rescues (I am sure you had this idea too).

    2. (and) SHE won’t like this … we can have a little page (like the pet pages haha) about Carol

    For example

    Carol is a full-time nurse with three children ….

    Likes: hot baths especially with grapefruit bath stuff, soft fuzzy socks, and cookies for breakfrast
    Dislikes: being called a saint, when the washer breaks, and eggs that look like eggs

    haha I think it would be fun but also give people who are first visiting the site a little peak at who started and run saints

  • Jenn says

    I looked tha first link for Rolling Dogs and they do not take in animals with incontinent issues! haha so I think they are more “special” needs (blind and deaf) NOT senior

  • Sheryl says

    Jenn, some of the dogs at Rolling Dog Ranch Sanctuary are incontinent.

  • Mauro Salles says

    Yes, Jenn, you’re right! Rolling Dog Ranch are “more blind and deaf”, but there are several seniors.

  • Garry Gabrielle says

    Yes, I for one e-mailed and called you 3 weeks ago as to what your advice and protocol was on dealing with a feline rescued cat, our first in 18 years, that tested positive for feline leukemia. I must make note that our shelter is no kill, so that was not even an option. Todate, I as well have not received a reply from anyone as to how to handle this girl or to have someone share their experiences with fe-leuk cats, as you have. As to not compromise the health of any of our other rescues and especially strays we had her quarantined, spayed and vaccinated. I have since been able to find her a placement with Best Friends Animal Society. It would be appreciated if someone could enlighten me on the caring for these groups of cats as I feel they are very misunderstood and more likely than not to be euthanaised when diagnosed. Thank you.

  • Carol says

    i did call you back garry…twice, but the phone was busy both times and does not automatically go to your voice mail..and then i forgot. sorry…i can only remember things for a very short time…my brain just does not retain things for long anymore and the info you needed was much too involved to put in an email.

    if you or anyone does not hear back from me…you just have to keep trying..i have a lot on my plate which pushes other things off into the black hole of forgotten.
    i can apologize all i want but it is likely to continue so if anyone needs really an answer from me that they do not receive..please be patient but at the same time do keep bugging me…the squeaky wheel does eventually bear fruit.

  • Garry Gabrielle says

    If you still have my number please call me as I still want to be better educated on shelter handling of feline leuk cats. By the way I have tried calling but the mail box is full and cannot leave a message. Thanks

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