a hidden camera …..

Posted: July 6, 2010 at 7:26 pm

Yesterday I found this little gem of a video posted on Youtube by someone who came for a tour of SAINTS during the OPEN HOUSE.


Made by and posted to youtube by: donovan1971

Staring (in order of appearance): Nicole (tour guide extraordinaire);Chewie (dog attack victim); Esther (cookie monster); Tiko (or Tasha) “SAD” (aka FAT) kitty; Merry (homily mushroom); Ellie Mae (large pink piggy); Herman (mr. sniffles); Al (15 yr old pond swimmer); Ticket (GSD Colleen D’s dog); Daphne (little daxi bombing around the field); Hanna feeding Joy (Bovine Beauty).

2 Comments on "a hidden camera ….."

  • Colleen B says

    I present Poppy chasing her tail while Jenn sorts doggie jackets:

    Coming soon…Mandy and Max

  • Colleen B says

    Oh, one other thought – is it possible to link videos to the individual bio pages too? And I’ve also seen sites where blog posts are tagged and anything you’ve written about a certain animal also shows up on their bio. I’m no web expert, but it might be kinda cool and help people learn more about these guys?

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