i picked up tyra’s windchime today

Posted: July 7, 2010 at 10:16 pm

it is probably one of the least expensive ones i have gotten, but i love it more than any of the others. it is a little painted tin lady with a couple of crooked wings watering a daisy with a little watering can. it just reminded me of how much sunshine and goodness spilled out of her.

i did not hang it in the memorial garden, it is hanging over the head of my bed..tyra was no more of a saint then i am, we just tried to live our daily lives amongst the sainted crippled ranks so she does not belong in the garden, she belongs over my head.

i so miss you.

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  • Kim says

    It is nice how you have honored Tyra.
    Is it okay if I take Yoshi into the memorial garden, instead of Dusty’s and Lucky’s little backyard? It seems much cooler and more pleasant over there in the grass, with the shade of the surrounding trees. It was blinkin hot on the other side today.

  • Carol says

    not yet…not til his sutures come out. he is to just go out for quick pee breaks only anyway so he shouldn’t get too warm while out for that. i do not want him laying around or rolling around in the grass, the last thing he needs is an infected surgical site. the medical/bunny rooms are cool with the fan and air conditioner, he is safe and comfortable in there..

  • Kim says


  • Mauro Salles says

    I would like to see the windchime … 🙁

  • Jenn says

    I will take a pic and post it the next time I am out there for you Mauro

  • Ann says

    That’s lovely, a special place for your very special girl.

  • lynne says

    i do not know what will happen with kodi tomorrow but my heart goes out to those who loved him, even being the little bugger he was. there was something about him. he is one of many saints that we will miss and love, no more no less. they are all so special in their own way i am so glad that tyra jane has her own special windchime in the house. that is the least that you could do for her. love you little girl.

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