so how do you lose an 800 pound pig?

Posted: July 10, 2010 at 9:09 pm

well…it really should not be all that easy, but the fact of the matter is…i did.

as i was making the barn guys dinners, i periodically called out the window of the feed shed…”ellie honey…dinner is ready.”…”ellie…i have apples and bananas…”…”supper time ellie.”

and no ellie appeared. well ok, that is sort of normal for her…she likes you to go and get her. so i put everyone else to bed and gave them their dinners and went looking for my not so little pink princess who likes an up close and personal invitation. i hiked down to the pond and went to her bed near the neighbors zen waterfall…hmmm…no ellie. i checked thru the rest of the trees and no sign of her. i walked the entire lower field calling out to her. i checked around the side of the manure pile and the trees beneath the barn and then walked the top of the manure pile and peered down. i decided she must be up in the riding ring, inside one of the barns..but there was no ellie. i went into the upper field and checked behind the loafing shed..not there either.

colleen went by so i asked her if she had seen her? she said to try down by the pond and offerred to help look for her..i said that was ok cuz i must have missed her down there.

so down i went and did the entire looking for ellie thing all over again,…but more carefully…no ellie..i came back up and did the barns and sheds again…no pink pig anywhere.

bad thoughts are starting to go thru my head…did someone steal her? good lord…was that her being barbacued that i smelled from far down the road????..holy shit, did she start to seizure while having a drink and  sink into the depths of the pond??????  i peered into that murky water many times..looking for the tip of an ear…how deep is that pond anyway?

i did the entire property really carefully for the third time. then i called laura and mo..where was she when they saw her last? and i looked again. laura showed up to help look  as i was starting the fifth go around. i am starting to is ready to jump into her car and dredge the pond.

laura found her…barely and by accident too. ellie had found her 800 pound spot where she was virtually invisible. i started to cry i was so relieved she was alive and well and not stolen or eaten or at the bottom of our pond.

i went over to tell her how worried i was..and that freaking pig looked right at me and KNEW exactly that i had been going crazy looking for her and she just stayed there silently interested in seeing how long it would take for us to find her.

since the game was done and she was found, she got up and came right up for her dinner.

oh, the search party found me … sigh I surrender … to bed then

bad pig.

6 Comments on "so how do you lose an 800 pound pig?"

  • Mauro Salles says

    She was playing her “hide and seek” version. SHE was counting: 1, 2, 3 … 10,000.

  • Charlotte says

    So where was she that no one could find her?

  • Carol says

    she made a hollow between downed tree trunks near the wood pile that i never noticed a space between before.
    she was fully blocked in on all three visible sides with only an opening close to the fence line…laura got to within a few feet of her, still did not see her and then decided to go closer to look around the stump corner and thats when she found her.

    ellie is a very tricky pig to be able to hide a body so incredibly big!

  • Marie Bellemare says

    I’m so happy she was found “alive” cause the whole time I read the message, I did not know if she had passed and I was holding my breath… oh ellie !!! grrrrrrrrrr LOL

    Carol, you must have been so exhausted after that “princess ellie” adventure !!!

  • laura says

    When Carol called my first thought was the title of this blog “how do you lose a 800 lb pig” but when she said she has been searching the whole property forever and I could hear the fear in her voice I dropped the phone and flew up the hill. Well the search was on and I quickly realized holy shit Carol was right she’s not here…what an awful feeling thinking something bad has happened to our princess. I guess Ellie must have heard the comment Carol made last weekend about Ellie being from the bear family and she decided to go into hibernation in her secert cave. What a joyous moment to see that little eye peeking at me saying ” rats they found me”. I can hear the theme music playing to my new movie…..”who ya gonna call……PIG FINDER”

  • Mo says

    I think thr pic of Ellie facing camera is gonna be one of my favorites, i love that expression.. little/huge brat !!

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