David Kincaid comes to SAINTS

Posted: July 21, 2010 at 12:12 pm

This year’s Wishes 4 Whisker’s Gala will be hosted by the CTV newsman David Kincaid. He and Shelley came up a week ago and got a personal tour from Carol. Here are some great shots courtesy of Shelley.

Carol probably telling David that Ellie is NOT a food item


Ellie playing hide and seek … “if you can’t see me, you can’t eat me”

Shelley’s favorite barn friend … Gilbert the Goat

Snickers and the Satellite and Winter peeks over her shoulder

Joey and Paluchie the best of friends


Jesse’s best human friend Renee

and Jesse’s best cainine friend Andy

Beautiful shots of Dorris

and Yoshi

*great picture Shelley thanks!!!

The event info and poster for the GALA are now on SAINTS website. On the Home Page and under the tab News and Event .

3 Comments on "David Kincaid comes to SAINTS"

  • Jenn says

    I just love the picture of Rene and Jesse. You can just see the love in Renee’s eyes.

  • Shelley says

    David and I had a great time. SAINTS is an amazing place.

  • Mo says

    Lol.. when i read this post the 1st time , I was at work so could not see th epics… I was wondering who in the world came in & why in the world was he/she named The satellite … Ha ha jokes on me . I also love the pic of Renee & Jesse & the love definatley goes both ways.

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