more sad news…

Posted: July 22, 2010 at 8:13 pm

the vet came to check tunie again today. he is convinced it is her cancer that is fading her away. she got up to eat her dinner tonight and had a long drink and i noticed how much weight she has lost in the past few days,
her face looks so frail, she now has a waist..but her belly is as big as ever but that is because the vet said, she is so full of cancer in there.

he is recommending euthanization in the next few days. i sat with her tonight after she ate and drank and brushed her for quite a while.
she sat there with her eyes closed and leaned into the wall and i felt such a deep sense of coming loss….i just cannot imagine the barn without her…she owns that place.

help me to decide when is best for you tunie..i don’t want you to go but i don’t want to force you to stay.

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