oh crap…i forgot to ask….

Posted: September 7, 2010 at 7:24 am

chilliwack spca has asked us to join them for their paws for a walk compaign..sunday sept 12…about 10am-3pm to man a table and give out info for SAINTS…is anyone available to volunteer for us out in chilliwack that day?
sorry for the short notice…mind like a seive here again!

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  • Jenn Hine says

    I heard the ad on the radio (105 the peak) for the gala!!! so exciting sounded really great.

  • nicole says

    i’m in texas so i can’t.

  • Anju says

    Are you willing to consider a new volunteer? if so, please email me. I’d like to help out. Thanks.

  • Erika says

    Hi Carol
    This is off topic, but my grandma would like to meet Merry and is in town for three days. I emailed you my phone #, can you call me when you get a second?
    Thanks – Erika

  • Brenda says

    I could go to the SPCA on Sunday, or come to SAINTS to clean the house. Carol – which would you prefer? Also, will someone else be coming to Chilliwack to bring the pamphlets and handouts on SAINTS, as I’d be coming from Hope, and won’t be able to come to SAINTS first to pick up materials if I do that. Let me know.

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