Wishes for Whiskers Auction Items

Posted: September 15, 2010 at 8:45 am

We still have tickets that need to be sold so I am hoping that knowing that the following items are going to be auctioned off will help

4 Vancouver Canuck Club seats tickets (includes parking)

A ride in the CTV Chopper 9 Helicopter

A ride in a private plane over the scenic every of your choices

Golf and pasta dinner for two at Pitt Meadows Golf Course

Golf Package at Redwood Golf Course (hope I remembered that right)

Lots of alcohol packages – did I mention there are alcohol packages

An I PAD 32GB with WI II and 3G  (the 3G means you get internet in the middle of a ballfield.)

Because all 19 tables were sponsored we will have all 19 tables out but not all 19 tables will have people sitting at them.   We will have to make the difficult decision of deciding which tables will not have anyone sitting at them. … which will be very sad.

So anyone who reads this blog that can’t make it please forward on this link http://saintsrescue.ca/news/2010/w4w.pdf to anyone you think might be interested in attending.

(edited by Jenn to include this link for paypal to buy tickets leave “instructions” indicated it is for tickets)

12 Comments on "Wishes for Whiskers Auction Items"

  • Meghann says

    My husband and I are, of course, attending! Is it possible to pay with a cheque for my tickets and the table I helped sponsor when I get there on Saturday? If not, just let me know what’s best for you. 🙂 Thanks!

  • sheila says

    Hi Meghann

    You can do that or you can pay for everything on paypal.

  • Cam says

    It’s too bad I’m so darn far away. You sold me with the alcohol packages…lol

    All the best to you. Hope you raise a ton of money!

  • cheryl and stef says

    the table that we co sponsored does not mind being put with another sponsored empty table if that works for you. It is very sad seeing empty tables. I will forward along the link.

  • lynne says

    why do any of the tables have to be empy cannot we spread out if we have to. hope the rest of the tickets get sold. there is still a bit of time left.

  • Jenn says

    It is also going to a very “feel good and warm and fuzzy’ evening with people who are like minded in this cause so come feel good for a night and listen to carol speak words rather than just reading her words! It is not just a night of fundraising … it is also going to be a night to celebrate the great work done by the supporters, volunteers, and donors. Come celebrate with us and bring your family and friends as a way to introduce them to this great cause.

  • Jane Stanley says

    If you can find the people I would pay for two to attend your party. Toronto is just too far away to come for an evening 🙂

  • Louise says

    I too will pay for 1 ticket if you can find someone interested in attending in my place (Jane has nicely offered to buy 2 but 1 is all I can do) Just let me know and I will submit the $ through Paypal. Comox isn’t as far away as Toronto but I am not coming over to the mainland this weekend unfortunately.

  • Sheila says

    Thank you for your offers Jane and Louise. That is very sweet of you both. If someone volunteers for a free ticket I will let you know.

  • lynne says

    hey erin what about you or monica

  • lynne says

    erin you could come wilth me and laura

  • lynne says

    erin or monica phone me at 604 8267287 or 6043027871 it has not been a good week for me my mom died on monday so have been dealing with that and tomorrow have the celebration of life. shitty but what can you do. ann call me as to what is happening for sat night.

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