and the winner is…..

Posted: October 3, 2010 at 4:38 pm


I hope this means I will get butt rubs and soft blankets whenever I want 

lola banana will be moving over into ben’s (west’s) earthly home sometime later next week (ben still lives there celestrially so he won’t mind lola taking up space on the bed.) rosie, the current matriach, (adopted from surrey spca a few years ago) didn’t mind lola too much and much preferred her to ziggy.

i think as long as her human parents were not going to foist a freaking busy body and overly snoopy donkey on her… she was pretty much fine with anyone else…just no ziggy-pops please!

yay lola! yay ian and mary!….and rosie we will save her yay for once she actually likes having a new little older sister.

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