super size sucks.

Posted: October 16, 2010 at 7:56 am

last night i somehow i turned myself into a super hero freak..i only got one brief super power thing tho….super sonic, super sensitive,  super annoying…..hearing.

even their collective breathing was actually bugging me.

the little fat boy was for sure super charged last night….joey…the toxic gas man, with totally killer farts.

lahanie and frodo both had super confrontational  feet.

today i appear to be once again a normal human being…i am not thinking of nuking anyone cuz they can breathe.  but there must be some kind of super-bug going thru here cuz last night  someone else  sure was a super dooper pooper…wow….if whoever it is keeps going, he or she can take over the world!

sadly, it seems at saints…we were scraping the bottom of the temporary super hero power  barrel….we only get the left over super powers that everyone else declined.

i am waiting to see who barfed up the  the super-sized hairball….now there is an interesting super power to have.

apparently, last night…we were the saints super dooper rescue troopers, an unpleasant super force to be reckoned with…and yes this also super sucked.

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