Pepsi Challenge Posters made by SAINTS supporters …. FUN!

Posted: October 20, 2010 at 11:53 am

So remember how I was only going to post one poster a day until the end of the contest to remind everyone to vote … yeah well I have no self control and I have to share them all with you they are so wonderfully fun and cleaver! So you are all just gonna have to get busy and create some more posters or I will have nothing to post tomorrow.  A friend of mine used one of these in her email to her friends asking them to vote it really added a nice visual. So you can make your poster on windows paint (drag in the photo you want to use and voila!) or via photo shop you could hand make it and scan it to me … remember to make it a jpeg. file or I will not be able to post it. Email me: or post to to the SAINTS facebook group.


Poster by SAINTS facebook fan and supporter Annelle of her Pug Monty


Poster by ME of fomer saint Sadie!


Poster by SAINTS volunteer Meghann


Poster by SAINTS volunteer Carol Anne of Harold and Bibi (lion cuts!)


Poster by SAINTS volunteer Helga of SAINTS resident Dusty

and Carol claims that the dogs made these themselves … ha ya! ……


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