Kodi is herding you to VOTE!

Posted: October 21, 2010 at 7:54 am

Here is Anne’s poster of our former crazy herder saint Kodi bear herding you to vote for SAINTS in the pepsi challenge. There is only 10 more days to vote so please keep up your efforts and keep SAINTS in 1st for the $25,000 grant!


Make your own poster on windows paint or photoshop and email them to me: jennhine@hotmail.com or post them to the SAINTS facebook page. I look forward to seeing them!

3 Comments on "Kodi is herding you to VOTE!"

  • Karen says

    OMG! I just voted and we are ranked first!!!

  • Carol Ann says

    Great poster Anne! Harold is doing great I just wish I could paint my floors black. It looks like I just spread my laundry all over the floor here ha ha. He’s getting better about the floors every hour. Had a good peaceful night after fussing some for awhile. He let me clean his ears and Precious has never been so good. Imagine that. so far so good he is a great dog

  • Brenda McCormick says

    I love your poster Ann – I’m at work and it’s been great looking at all the neat poster ideas. I haven’t had time to do a poster – not even sure if I know how! – but I am voting everyday.

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