oh yay…i just woke up….

Posted: October 22, 2010 at 8:07 am

laziness always has a steep price. short staffed again today but this is ok…cuz i can do up the main house in between the vet runs.

considering what i saw in the mirror a few minutes ago…i am just grateful that jenn is not here or she would one day be sharing an even not nicer picture of me for everyone to see.

jennifer dear daughter….you are no longer allowed to ever, ever point your camera at me.

ok…get dressed…go get some breakfast and start kicking butt in cleaning around here…and don’t forget to comb thy crazy sticky up hair. ugh.

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  • Carol Ann says

    hey how about this. I made a suggestion onfacebook to prospera credit union to consider SAINTS for donations etc etc. they are considering all entries but I won a $100 gift certificate for mission springs Carol i think you should join dionne and me for dinner whenever you can. If it wasn’t for you and saints I wouldn’t have won. AND Harold took me shopping today he wanted a safety belt for the car and a new tag and food and lots of treats. He was a perfect angel in the car , in the store – he made friends with people and 4 other dogs. He is a gem.

  • Ann C says

    That’s such a nice story, I’m so glad Harold has found you and you’re so right he is a lovely dog. I hope Carol takes you up on your offer she deserves a treat too!!

  • Carol Ann says

    yes ann if anyone deserves a treat it is Carol H. See you tomorrow and I’m bringing Harold. So I gotta watch out for Perdy

  • Jenn says

    Oh yeah! I am glad you are bringing Harold!!!

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