so what was my plan for today????

Posted: October 29, 2010 at 9:42 am

my brain feels as soggy as the blue monkey!

renee has already taken dee down to the vets for me so that is good…the next vet runs are not til this afternoon…hmmm.

oh yeah, finish setting up in preparation for the dog switch-a-roos!

thats why my brain feels so soggy today…too many picky little things to put in place first..i am so not a detail kind of person…. oh well…today i will need to be or the whole big picture plan will collapse…not good.

i don’t mean to sound so negative about rescue but the reality of it can sometimes bring you down low. i look at it that since i have been run over a few times by various stuff..maybe i should warn others about cheerfully embarking on the same rescue road….run! find a beach in  hawaii instead!

ok self, give it a rest…go do some actual work today.

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  • Carol Ann says

    I’m having a BAD day we are in 2nd place again and so close to the end. EVERYONE HAS TO VOTE PLEASE THE ANIMALS NEED THE $$$$$ Thank you

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