Lola update

Posted: October 30, 2010 at 11:09 pm

Well, with the 4 new LA dogs from Ace of Hearts coming this week I was glad to see my mom forwared me an update from Lola’s new family to post. Lola was part of the last group of dogs SAINTS took from Ace of Hearts (including Larry and Jenny). Larry is still at SAINTS (and had an ear flush today) and Jenny living with Nicole and another LA rescue dog Shrek.


Hi Carol;

It looks like the ‘trial’ period has been a success. Rosie is allowing Lola on Ben’s couch now (see attached) and Rosie doesn’t seem to mind Lola sleeping under the covers behind Mary’s legs every night. We think they are actually starting to ‘like’ each other. It’s nice to see Lola’s cousins coming up from LA. I am trying to find Lola a Los Angeles Kings dog sweater so she can advertise her roots! Doesn’t she look elegant with her pearl necklace?



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  • Tammy says

    Good to see Lola taking it easy in her new home.
    She came along way and landed in a great spot.

  • Ian and Mary says

    Yes, Tammy, thanks to Ace of Hearts, Carol/Saints, and the vet at Hill n Dale who removed her tumour, Lola has indeed come a long way! We are so happy to have her.

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