Posted: November 13, 2010 at 2:40 pm


i got all freaked out because he was lame again today and then i saw him sitting up on the hill holding his sore leg in the air. i decided in that very instant that this was probably an osteosarcoma ready to shatter the bone at any minute. i told the volunteers what i thought and called the vets. everyone said good bye to al and was feeling really sad.

but..while i am a nurse, and while i know a helluvalot (maybe too much actually)..i am not a vet. the vet checked him over and thinks he has arthritis in his wrist. so that was good news, al will live some more at saints.

the thought of losing him totally freaked me out and i in turn freaked everyone else out. al is old…17 this year..something will eventually kill him but not an osteosarcoma…at least not today.

love ya al..glad you are home again…and sorry everyone for scaring the crap out of you…it happens to me sometimes so i see no reason why it shouldn’t also happen to you!

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