it was a good day today…

Posted: February 5, 2011 at 6:51 pm

it has been awhile since i did up the barn…i forget how zen-like it is working out there. the bed buddies all became barn buddies today cuz the motto of the bed guys is…”follow her where ever she goes if you possibly can.”

the house crew had a nice break with the vast majority of the dogs goofing around out in the barn.

the funniest thing that happened today was griffin…i heard him snarling and carrying on in the stall next to the one i was cleaning. so i stopped what i was doing to peek around…now griffin thought he had wilbur the pig cornered…wilbur however was oblivious and just thought the fiercesome griffin was simply a rather large mosquito buzzing around. too funny to watch the unconcerned pig ignore the tiny and blind enraged beast.

i had 2 really happy things today…a visit with utterly sweet and adorable annabelle who i have not seen since christmas (geez i suck as a grandmother!)

….and this will make you as happy as it did me….

last night for probably the first time in many years…. popeye was able to lay down and rest his weary feet.

i thought he looked much more comfortable and relaxed today…YAY!!! pops is finally feeling a bit better…that totally made it a very good day!!!

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  • colleen b says

    oh geez. that makes my eyes well up with happiness.

  • Diana says

    So happy for Popeye!

  • Carol Ann says

    Good news indeed !

  • dawn says

    Great news about Popeye, I am so happy to hear he was able to lay down. Wishing him many more happy nights.

    SAINTS comes thru again for an animal in need.

  • suzanne says

    the news aboout Pops made my eyes fill up. What relief it must have been for him! Have the vets given you any idea as to how long it will be before he and his poor feet are out of the proverbial woods? and how long before he can be with the other horses outside?

  • suzanne says

    ps how is ziggy doing since going on his meds?

  • Mauro Salles says

    Yes, you suck as a grandmother! LOL.

  • Carol says

    the danger of the hoof or hooves separating…is for about one month the vet said. he will not be able to join the other horses for several weeks…maybe months yet.

    and ziggy is a pain in the ass to medicate…it took three of us this morning…laura managed him on her own at bedtime but she said it was not very much fun!

  • lynne says

    a couple had come to look at tucker, what happened there.

  • Carol says

    they really liked him…andy has adopted from us before.

    we will see what happens, they went home to figure out a few things….there is no hurry.

  • lynne says

    they seemed really nice and had taken 3 dogs before heres hop ing for tucker. i noticed penelope was having trouble balancing herself today she would stay in one spot for a longtime and not move. how is she tonight.

  • Donna says

    Ditto comment #1 – my eyes welled up with tears when I read that. Sending big hugs to Popeye and to all of you at Saints for all that you do.


  • Brenda says

    omg Carol; hearing that Popeye was able to finally lie down made ne cry- that’s wonderful! I will go see him tomorrow when I’m there.

  • Maggie says

    The best possible news to hear Popeye could finally rest.

  • Carol says

    lynne…you mean prudence..she ate tonight but her abdomen is tight and tender..i am worried about her…she has had a few other things going on lately so i am afraid her cancer is back again. if she doesn’t perk up..i will get her into the vets on monday.

  • Marla says

    Thank you for the happy tears today! Way to go, Popeye!

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