i am reading a new book

Posted: February 13, 2011 at 8:11 am

“Inside of a Dog” by Alexandra Horowitz

i read so few books any more… they have to be worth my time and effort. i read absolutely zilch on dog books…either they bore me to tears or they are so utterly stupid they are not worth the paper they are printed on.

but the title of this book grabbed my interest and when i read the back of the book, i was even more intriqued. i am not very far into it yet but so far, i think it is great. it is written by a scientist who studies animals professionally and she happens to adore dogs personally…it is a good combination for me.

probably everyone has already read this book, way ahead of me…i am not really up to date on all of the newest dog books cuz mostly i would rather live it, then read about it…but we’ll see what i think of this one if it stays interesting and i read it to the last page.

the problem with 3 hour naps is following them, you stay up too late.

so far the only thing i remember about my plans for today is..i am feeding the barn guys and i have to put the hyack feed delivery from yesterday away.

4 Comments on "i am reading a new book"

  • suzanne says

    how are pops and ziggy doing? any success with changing the flavor of zig’s meds?

  • Carol says

    they are both doing really well. ziggy is getting resigned to his torture but the good news is… he does not have crud dripping from his nose and i don’t think he is coughing as much anymore! and pops had a nice lay down nap this afternoon after everything had settled and everyone had gone home. he is such a sweet and gentle horse!

  • Carol says

    ahhh shit! i forgot to put the feed delivery away!!! grhhh.

  • suzanne says

    walgreens here in the lower 48 flavors meds for $1.50 per scrip. these flavors are obviously aimed toward kids so you get “Cherry Bomb” and “bubble yum” and the like but it might just do the trick for him if the molasses didn’t work. they change the flavor every month here. sending telepathic hugs from east jibib, tn.

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