i have orders for 5 more books…

Posted: April 8, 2011 at 11:33 am

if we order 5 more we will get the discount which will bring the total cost each down to $61 each..this will be the very last order i put in..after this folks are on their own..anyone who wants in on this order needs to pre-pay on paypal $61 and then let me know.

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  • Mo says

    Carol I will order 2 books

  • Ann C says

    If it’s not too late I’d like to order a book, Thanks

  • nicolemc says

    amy haines would like 2 ordered. i’ll pick them up. she will either pay me or if she can make paypal work she’ll put it thru.
    and i might need one more, but i need to check with my parents as i think they wanted their own copy. will let you know tomorrow.

  • Lisa says

    I’d like to order one….I’m just figuring out where on paypal to order it.

  • Carol says

    folks have to pay on pay pal before i order cuz that is how we get their money to blurb when we order.

    i see yours went thru already ann

  • Carol says

    lisa..go to our paypal button and just put in $61…then i will add you to the book order list and move the money for all of the books ordered from paypal to blurb.

  • Lisa says

    gotcha…..I went to the book and it was going to ship to me…ugh
    standy by – will do it shortly 😉

  • Lisa says

    done – thanks

  • nicolemc says

    please order another one for me. my mom wants her own copy because sandy is in it. that dog has turned her into a crazy dog lady.

  • Cam says

    Can you add a book for me please? I’m going to hit the paypal button now. thanks.

  • nicolemc says

    ok i have my total. 2 for amy h. and 4 more for me. i’ll let you know when i have the payments in.

  • Carol says

    kim and erin? was it one each for you guys?

  • erin says

    yes but it takes a few days for paypal to add a bank acct so if i cant get it by the time you want to order i ll just do it from blurb no biggie, thx!

  • Tammy says

    I would like 1 book. I just paid on paypal.

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