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Posted: April 21, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Frodo is back at his kingdom and my bruised, punctured, and scratched leg is recovering. Mia is the total opposite of the Feline Tyrant … she is soft and sweet and the only thing on her attacking me is her fur that is flying off from so much petting–which she can’t get enough of. I did not realize how round she was when she was at SAINTS because there were so many that were chubbier than her (Milton, Tasha, Maxine) but she is quite the tubster and we have already starting calling her the football.


Today I gave her free rein of the house but she chose to follow me everywhere. Smarties is keeping her distance from her and Mia is totally uninterested in Smarties. Smarties growled at Mia but did not run away (so she is not scared of her) and did not attack her either (so does not think of her as a threat) but I think she told Mia they were not gonna be friends … but hopefully that will change because Mia is a very sweet cat and so is Smarties too to those she loves.


So far she seems to be enjoying herself but I have yet to see her sleep for very long. She did spend most of the night on my dad’s bed but she has trouble jumping up and has to claw her way up–due to her size. We may need to invest in some kitty steps. She has already claimed one of the chairs in the family room. She spent her first half day in my dad’s bedroom and in the morning when I went in to say hi I noticed she had claimed all of the wash cloths from the bathroom and brought all of them out into the middle of the bedroom. I wondered why and I set up a secret cam to capture her … and lo and behold she goes in a carries the facecloth out in her mouth and and lays on it. Weird.

Mia is a senior cat in her high teens. She came to SAINTS in 2008 with 16 other cats as part of the Forgotten Feline SPCA seizure. She has now found her forever home as part of SAINTS’ permanent foster program.

Please enjoy her own feature film:


My my Mama Mia, I love you and will never let you go.

18 Comments on "My Mia"

  • nicolemc says

    love it jenn. in all her time at saints i don’t think i’ve ever seen her move so much!

  • Jenn says

    nicole she has not stopped moving since she got her. She follows me up and down the stairs and to and from the kitchen … I think she is going to be slim in no time. I wish smarties would be more social with her though.

  • Angela H says

    Best video ever! Love the face cloth thing! Annabelle and I want to come visit Mia!

  • Jenn says

    come on over I am home doing nothing but cat sitting haha

  • lynne says

    she sure does look happy. what a great video for a great cat. and what a clean house lol

  • Alison says

    Super freaking cute Jenn!!! She’s bubbling with joy that she’s not sharing toys & space with all the saints 🙂

  • Mo says

    She looks so happy , very funny with the facecloths..I wonder if one day in the past she had kittens in a bathroom & is reminded of that; great Video love when she is lying down & kneading thin air : – )

  • Tammy says

    Loved the video, thanks for sharing that. I kept telling her to be patient, her home was coming.
    The old girl never looked so happy.

  • Bridget says

    the sweet little chicken!
    cats! no matter how round and plump they get, they always walk as if they’re wearing heels.

  • Helga says

    This is gorgeous, Jenn. And Smarty Pants will come around. Some cats take a while to adjust to strangers. Look at Millie at my place. Took a couple of months but now she is totally cool with the other guys.

  • Jenn says

    well samrties definately has nothing to fear. Mia is just a big tub of loving.

  • Daryle says

    cat-chy tune… but not by Abba???


  • Jenn says

    its mama mia from the tv musical version.

  • Diana says

    I loved that! Those kneading paws are great!

  • Hillevi says

    Absolutely a wonderful and funny video! Left me laughing and smiling. I, too, loved the kneading thin air! Happy Cat!!!!

  • roff says

    Lovely video … lovely cat. Thanks Jenn.

  • Lory says

    Thanks Jenn

  • Zoe says

    I am SOOOO happy for Mia!!! Such a great cat, I’m glad she found such a great home! Congrats!

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