prudence was euthanized late this afternoon

Posted: April 21, 2011 at 6:31 pm

she started the spiral into crises and we quickly helped her to go.

i said in the book that we hoped one day prudence would find her very own home but time was running out, she was getting really old.

prudence came to saints back in 2009 from the pound. she has been a truly great dog and a very loyal friend. i think she has only had one party seriously interested in adopting her and when she met them, she tried to bite them. prudence had her own thoughts on this.

she has slept on my pillow since she arrived…that spot will be empty tonight.
i didn’t expect this new cancer to move so very quickly. i thought we would have a few weeks left together. for prudence this home was her very last. she was loved, she loved in return and i guess sometimes that is all we can ask.

rest in peace my dear, dear were truly a very great dog.


7 Comments on "prudence was euthanized late this afternoon"

  • Jenn says

    awe bye pru I miss you’re snaggle toothed smile

  • Carol Ann says

    aww Prudence will be missed by me at feeding time. She was a sweet sweet girl. rip

  • laura says

    Dear Prudence…..queen of the bed or should i say the pillow. I loved how you showed your spunk on tours…you would growl at all the strangers who dared come into your kingdom…it always made me smile because I knew the sweet girl under that tough exterior. Im so glad i got to kiss your cute little face this afternoon and tell you what a good girl you were and how much i loved you…rest it peace..

  • Mo says

    I will think of Prudence whenever I hear the Beatles song Dear Prudence and will miss her very much at SAINTS, her tough looking under-bite and quick/sharp responses were her specialties and she was my friend.

    Dogspeed sweet dog ((hug)))

  • Ann C says

    Sweet dreams Prudence you were one of my favourites.

  • June says

    I am so very sorry that this must be part of the wonderful work that you all do. Thank heaven that these sweet beings have you to let them know how much their lives matter. I lost the love of my life, Pepper, in November, a little rescue boy who changed my life forever and will be loved and remembered forever. They all deserve to know this.

  • Priscilla says

    Prudence, I love you and I will miss you.

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