Easter with the saints

Posted: April 24, 2011 at 9:13 pm

On Friday Kathy had a suprise in her bag when she arrived … she called me over and lo and behold she has five sets of pink bunny ears. Ha! So round I went turning various volunteers and saints into bunnies. Of course I had my camera with me 🙂

Bambi 2, Brent, Carol, Mini Me, and Bud–bunnized


Gilbert and Ellie–getting their bunny on

and our house bunnies–Ashley, Carol Anne, Lynne and Anne

Our barn bunnies–Mo, Kathy and her niece and nephew and Bunny

Hootie Bunny and Jerry Bunny and Joey Bunny

Percy did not want to be a bunny. He quite likes being a cow.

and Larry looks more like a fairy than a bunny

HAPPY EASTER from the saints!!!

3 Comments on "Easter with the saints"

  • Carol Ann says

    I am amazed you got the fellas to wear those pink bunny ears. (the human ones ) Larry looks saintly and Ellie seems to like them. Gilbert looks proud lol. Aren’t we the beautiful bunch ? I love SAINTS.

  • Mo says

    Larry the SAINTS fairy.. what a cutie & nice to see him hanging out in his favorite spot…the sun.

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