Meet the newest saints …

Posted: May 26, 2011 at 9:32 pm

Fergus is a 14 yr old partially blind, mostly deaf, seizuring cocker with bad eyes whose owner passed away. He is also pretty damn cute, pretty damn sweet .

Jack is back after 3 years in a wonderful home. He is adjusting well and love to have his head in a set of hands.

Maestro and Sage: Apparently, brother and sister and very young or so the note said atop the carrier they were left in one evening all alone. These 2 are very sweet and friendly.

Theya is a great little dog. She is happy, social, and a total love muffin.

Cherry is officially the tiniest dog SAINTS has ever had. She is an old frail little thing with a lot of spunk.


7 Comments on "Meet the newest saints …"

  • Bridget says

    awww, aren’t they BEAUTIFUL!
    i knew i’d like Fergus!

  • Carly says

    Meeting Fergus out on the walk last week…oh my gosh! What a friendly old man he is 🙂

  • Dawn says

    Maybe Maestro and Sage should be next weeks Take me Home Tuesday’s feature.

    Young and adoptable!


  • Dorina says

    Jack is very missed here…:(
    He is the best dog that everyone could wish for…

  • lynne says

    jack is very sweet and very well taken care of. we all love him to bits and he has a great time, especially with ko at the barn. life does just sometimes suck and seems so unfair. i am glad you had him and gave him a good home. i wish the outcome could have been different.

  • lynne says

    just to mention i wont be in to saints tomorrow until about 10 1030ish i have my grandkids overnight and it was not supposed to happen but it did. my daughter is in langley for the night will be home as soon as she can. you can all leave the rooms for me and i will do them when i get there. thanks.

  • dorina says

    Thank you so much for updates Lynne and for taking care of him. He deserves it. I am looking here almost every day to see how he is doing.

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