milton has just been adopted…

Posted: May 27, 2011 at 7:31 pm

he is off to the sunny okanagon to begin his brand new life. as always..the first couple of weeks are considered a trial to make sure it is a good match all around. yay milton!

5 Comments on "milton has just been adopted…"

  • lynne says

    yay for milton hope it is a sweet deal for him.

  • Tammy says

    Such a nice cat, hope it all works out great.

  • Jenn says

    that is great news. Milton is such a great guy.

  • Amelia says

    Milton, now Porthos, visited my clinic today for an exam. We have recommended a weight loss program for him 🙂

  • Carol says

    porthos is a great name for him!…sigh…yes…he did get a bit chunkier in our care..but he was sort of a big guy when he came in..ok but not quite as big as when he left.

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