Immediate Mandatory Recall of all SAINTS promotional materials.

Posted: May 29, 2011 at 3:30 pm

we have multiple community events coming up starting next weekend and all of our signage, banners, photo/ information boards need to be returned asap so we can assign them appropriately and distribute equally to cover each event.

4 Comments on "Immediate Mandatory Recall of all SAINTS promotional materials."

  • K.O. says

    The board that was used at the Plant Sale is back in the shop. I brought it back on Saturday. Let me know if you need more Saints Paphlets,I can get some more printed at Sue’s Copy here in Mission,she does a really good job of them.

  • Renee says

    Ive got the stuff Ryan and I used for our play in my car, I will put it in the shop tomorrow.

  • ryan says

    Hey Carol, sorry to be telling you this so late but ive been sick this weekend and won”t be able to make it in tomorrow. Ive texted renee that i won’t be in and eryk will be there tomorrow @ 9:00, Hope to be in tuesday sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Renee says

    Carol im starting at 9 today

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