Posted: June 18, 2011 at 12:27 am

SAINTS AGM – Saturday June 18, 2011
Starts at noon in the MP building. Everyone is welcome. Please bring snacks if you are the snacky type person. Maybe if you are lucky Jenn will take photos of you stuffing your face!!

5 Comments on "Reminder"

  • lynne says

    sorry guys but i am not going to make it to saints today. i feel like crap so am going back to bed. hopefuly will be there tomorrow.

  • nicolemc says

    also, another reminder. shelter challenge ends tomorrow. we are in second. please vote.

  • Carly says

    I’ll be there.However I am going to need a ride home.I live here in Mission.I’ll ask around when I get there.

  • Carly says

    Oh and my plans had changed this morning.That is why I am going to the meeting.

  • Alison says

    Sorry I did not see this before coming this morning. Thank you to everyone who brought treats and drinks 🙂

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