we lost monkey face this morning

Posted: June 22, 2011 at 10:23 am

last night he suffered a massive stroke, this morning he was euthanized and set free.
i have so much regret and deep sadness inside me because of this little dog. i will write about it all later when today is done.


12 Comments on "we lost monkey face this morning"

  • Mauro Salles says

    Oh, f*ck…

  • laura says

    SHIT! That little guy in his short time with us had already worked his way into my heart…I will remember our special time this past weekend hanging out in the trailer with you….rest in peace buddy.

  • Jenn says

    oh no! I poor monkey face.

  • dawn says

    That is just so sad…he just got to SAINTS.

    RIP little man

  • Zoe says

    Oh my god didn’t see that coming 🙁 Those are the worst…

  • Mo says

    This one is tragic..I wish I had gotten the chance to get to know him. Godspeed Monkey face

  • Brenda says

    Omg! Bibi and now Monkey – I am at work and thought I’d catch up on the news. I’m sorry it’s such sad news. Bibi was a sweetheart, and Monkey didn’t even get a chance to settle in. So sorry Carol.

  • lynne says

    i am so sorry too wish it could have been different for little monkey face.i remember holding him on sun and saying to carol that we have to have him on our tuesday adoptee list. he was a little sweetie you did everything you could for him carol rip monkeyface.

  • Ann C says

    This is not a good week, sweet dreams little Monkey Face…hugs to you Carol

  • Carol says

    he may look happy in that picture…but he wasn’t happy here, not for a single moment…he was an old sick dog who did not know where he belonged any more…he was overwhelmed by all of the uncertainty in his life in the past few weeks.

    the night of his stroke..he was laying by the front door…he was just so utterly sad that i took him out to the medical room with doris and yoshi where it was quieter and less crowded…i had hoped he would be happier there.

    all i did was give him one more change..one further stress in not knowing where he was again..one more brick to add to his pile of uncertainty.

    moving him last night was a mistake.

    the vet said he was going to stroke anyway..maybe…but maybe not last night.

    and i totally get that these guys are homeless…and i did not do this to any of them. but i am the one who watches them suffer…whether they come thru it to the light and some happiness again like bibi did..or if they just fall into the darkness forever feeling lost and alone.

  • Carol Ann says

    this is a shock didn’t see this coming he was so cute and sweet. RIP little guy. so sorry.

  • Priscilla says

    Rest in peace, Monkey Face. I love you and will miss you.

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