mandy was euthanized late this afternoon.

Posted: June 24, 2011 at 5:06 pm

the vet said there was no where else to go with her cardiac meds..her foretkor, vetmedin and lasix were already at the highest dose and she was coughing almost constantly and fluid was infiltrating her lungs again. she had past the point of enjoying her life and was coasting into simply struggling to exist. mandy was 18 yrs old…a sweet and kind dog…a gentle old soul.

rest in peace sweet mandy, if there is a heaven, i know max is happily there to greet you.



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  • erin says

    4 dogs in 4 days. fuck!

  • Brenda says

    Everytime I check the blog another special one is gone! I agree, Max will be there waiting for his mother Molly. She was a very sweet dog, and was so attentive to Max when he was alive. This is getting sadder and sadder. Please no more! Carol, I’m so sorry- this has been a terrible 4 days for you. So many gone in so few days.

  • Ann C says

    What a sad week, sweet dreams Mandy and hugs to you Carol.

  • Carol Ann says

    oh this is disturbing–we knew poor little mandy was on her way but so many so fast–it is very difficult –bless you little mandy and hugs to everyone we are all hurting

  • Mauro Salles says

    Max is there, for sure.

  • lynne says

    i sound like a broken record so sorry carol mandy was a sweet girl and a good mama she was a happy girl at saints and for sure her little max is waiting for her. i ditto what erin said.

  • laura says

    Mandy you were such a sweet and dignified lady and an awesome mom to Max! Rest in peace…

  • Priscilla says

    Rest in peace, sweet Many. I love you and will miss you.

  • Nancy says

    I’m so very sorry for all your losses in the past few days. Dear little souls all of them. You speak so lovingly and respectfully of each and every one, you give them the dignity they deserve. Thank you for sharing their unique personalities, through your poignant words and wonderful photos of their sweet faces. They have touched a lot of hearts.

  • Amy says

    Rest in Peace sweet Mandy. Breaking my heart hearing of the losses over there but thankful all went with the utmost care and attention. Cannot imagine how it must feel to be their caregivers 🙁

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