i forgot to mention yesterday that…

Posted: July 9, 2011 at 7:48 am

garfield went off to his new great home!

as always…it is a trial to make sure of a good match on both sides and fingers are crossed that it will be for all.

mac and morgan have joined the computer room crew…i don’t know why after 2 years morgan decided to make the big move…and mac..well he hasn’t been here very long so it isn’t surprizing that as his comfort and confidence grows he starts fanning out to more areas. anyway..i am glad cuz it gives all of the cats extra room.

i know shelley was hoping for some sunrise shots this morning….i think with the overcast clouds she did not get her wish. it is too bad really cuz sunrise and sunsets here paint the surrounding trees with very faint hues of red and gold….it is very pretty and magical.

today i have to try to do a deep flush of that problem spot on chewie’s incision…it is still draining tons of guck and we need it to clean up, dry out and heal.

well i better go grab some breaky before the weekend warriors get here….2 more afternoon shifts this weekend (and apparently i am the only nurse on…yikes…that might really suck!) and then i am looking forward to 2 days off. i am still glad to be back to work…but even happier to hit a couple of days off again.

i had an update on winter and tasha…both are doing quite well. winter took over as soon as she arrived. tasha is going a bit more slowly but still making good progess. the family are very happy with both of their new additions so that’s very great news!!

6 Comments on "i forgot to mention yesterday that…"

  • Maggie says

    Carol, how is Cabot making out in his new home?

  • Cathy says

    Sort of new here looking at the site and wondering why some of the animals have their names underlined and then you can read about them and others you cannot. Thanks.

  • lynne says

    it is because there is no write up on them yet but it will get done. i think nicole does it and she is a pretty busy lady. i found when i went to some pics that all i got was the weblink was broken so could not go on. there were about 2 like that. frustrating when you want to read up on an animal.

  • Cathy says

    Thank you for the information Lynne.

  • Nancy says

    Also, if you look up petfinder.com (Location: BC, Group Name: S.A.I.N.T.S.) you can read a little about each animal there, the ones that are adoptable at Saints. And it seems to be updated fairly often.

  • Cathy says

    Thanks Lynne and Nancy for the info. I certainly can appreciate that it is a lot of work doing the write ups. Oh how I wish I could convince more people to adopt an animal (especially cats).

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