Take Me Home Tuesdays: Mini Me Me Me etc.

Posted: July 19, 2011 at 6:11 am


Mini Me is a senior tea cup poodle cross who came to SAINTS rescue in need of a mammary tumor removal and dental. She is a yappy and bossy little thing. Her name suits her to a “T”…she is definitely mini and she is so all about “ME….ME….ME!” Her favorite game is “kill mystic” (big white puppy). She was a stray at a local shelter and she good with other animals in a bossy kind of way. Mini Me would make a great and fun addition to any home.

Please email adopt@saintsrescue.ca

1 Comment on "Take Me Home Tuesdays: Mini Me Me Me etc."

  • lynne says

    what a cute video. but jenn no talking from you. that is unusual hope she finds a good home she is a cutie with attitude. lol

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