heads up for tiger woods…

Posted: July 24, 2011 at 8:12 am

at 20 years old with really bad kidneys..he is starting the rapid downward spiral. he didn’t eat yesterday and while he is still drinking, he is fading a bit more every day.

tiger came in about 4 years ago..he was 16 at the time, a family surrender to the spca. he has been a great cat…and sadly is our last cat who hangs out in the sink drinking water from the tap as soon as we turn it on. i feel badly because lately i have been cutting his tap drinking time shorter than usual because of the water restrictions we are on…i still turn it on for him but only for a couple minutes at a time….i will try not to be so water scroogie so he can do what he likes as much as he wants…but honestly tiger, there is a fresh and full water bowl you can drink from right next to the sink for you  too.

love you tiger woods, you are a really lovely (and water wasting) guy.

2 Comments on "heads up for tiger woods…"

  • lynne says

    yikes he is now the silnk mascor stick arond for a while longer the sink will not be the same without you and neither will saints.

  • Carol Ann says

    Oh now I feel bad about not running the water for him on Saturday.

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