and why i suck in rescue…

Posted: September 2, 2011 at 7:02 pm

because there is a serious disconnect between my head and my mouth.

the spca called about a 13 yr old chocolate lab with a gross and abcessed mouth. he is a really nice dog..but even if his mouth gets fixed…we all know he is not going to find a home….(we know this is true because i fix everyone’s mouth around here and they mostly never get a home either..old dogs with or without rotten teeth, rarely find new homes.)

so i said ok..cuz honestly it is not the old farts fault that he is old and homeless and i ended by saying that we are once again full so not to call us for at least 2-3 months. yay..i was being proactive!

then the phone rang again, and it was a vet clinic out in the valley. they had an 8 yr old border collie about to go down with only minor arthritic issues that they were hoping we could take…she had less than 24 hours so she needed help righrt away. i said sorry, we are too full and she is not really old or messed up enough for us to take. i did say i would call border collie rescue and pass her on to them.

but it is the labour day long weekend (busiest travelling weekend of the entire year) and they just took in some new dogs and they don’t have any foster homes available that aren’t already overfull. but sheena said she would post it on their facebook page in case a miracle happened and someone could take her….it sounded like a long shot tho, the holiday weekend timing on her was REALLY bad.

so i phoned back the clinic and was going to say…so sorry but breed rescue is full too. what actually came out of my mouth tho was…i will pick her up at 10 am tomorrow.
wtf! who the hell was talking with my mouth and saying the very wrong thing????

anyway…tomorrow saints will welcome buddy (the old lab) and abby (the not so old border collie) cuz i am freaking crazy.

and thank god the puppies are leaving on sunday cuz 4 less cute but little pain in the asses around here right now is a very good thing.

7 Comments on "and why i suck in rescue…"

  • lynne says

    ooh carol your mouth just had to have its way. your brain said no but your heart said yes. that is what we love about you. what is with the border collie. what happened to her home. i can only guess and i would probably be right. carol ann a chocolate lab?

  • roff says

    I hear the frustration! I am delighted with the results.

    Happy wags to the newcomers…

  • Carol Ann says


  • Hillevi says

    Freudian slips always speak the truth – the heart of what one really feels. I am so very glad that your heart won out.

  • Diana says

    Jill was on Brindle looking for a border collie for an adopter.

  • Naomi says

    I love border collies, and 8 is a great age… wish i could just have one more…

  • Carol says

    diana? is that the one with the couple in their late 70’s? i think they wanted a younger dog..the last one was 8 when they adopted and passed away 4 years later so they wanted a 2-3 yr old dog this time around. anyway that was the only BC wanted posting i could find recently on brindle.

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