ok..i am sorry..but…

Posted: September 28, 2011 at 7:55 pm

sometimes life just is not fair.

i have esther, charlie, daisy, minnie pearl, bear, bambi 1 and june all gathered around my computer chair and staring at me in unbelieving wide eyed horror. i had a couple of pieces of pizza left over from my dinner out last night which naturally became my dinner today.

they can actually deal with me not sharing every single thing that i eat..most times i do. and i do as a rule share fairly…everyone who happens to be interested gets a little bit too.

but tonight the unthinkable happened…i shared with one dog only, in front of them all.

i told them i was sorry..but it was papa john and he is named after a pizza place. and it is the first time he has ever come to me begging for anything…to the point where he was trying to climb up my leg.

he really NEEDED pizza tonight.

anyway..i apologised profusely but i had to absolutely give him a couple of tiny bites. it is not his fault i named him after a pizza joint and he has totally embraced the full meaning of his new name. those guys are all wishing i had named them Boston, Panago, Hut, McCains and whatever other pizza names there are..tonight life at saints is totally unfair!

sigh..note to myself for the future…do not name animals after things i don’t really want to share.

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  • Ian and Mary says

    too funny….
    naming dogs after restaurants…..
    maybe chiwauwaus should receive Mexican restaurant names, pit bulls should receive biker joint names, poodles receive French restaurant names, German Shepherds named after shnitzel places and Akitas after sushi joints…..

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