the little brain that could…

Posted: October 4, 2011 at 7:53 am

the cement pad for the new stall shed is being poured today (who knew that one of of our volunteers husbands was a cement guy!!!! yay kerry and darin!)

my little brain has been busy trying to sort out where to put who, which areas need to be renovated as financially responsibly as possible, depending on who goes where.

i finally came up with that we simply cannot build any more actual structures…we can’t afford to lose any pasture areas so that meant i had to look at what we already had, what was needed for what and see what and who could comfortably get shifted around and tweeked to meet everyones needs.

this was challenging because i didn’t know if those two cruelty siezed pigs were going to need to come here..i haven’t received any official word yet so i needed both plan A if they come and plan B if they don’t. so i did finally come up with good plans for contingency A and B…both plans will work well, one just requires a couple of steps further in reno’s by closing in and dividing off pops outside cover area (pops is moving into the barn finally and ellie is moving to the new reno’d pig area.)


sometimes things around here are like a rubics cube puzzle…you know there is a right way leading to the right answer but you really have to take the time to figure out the steps to get there. it is a bit of a deep thinking process.

i was going to see about us applying  for the capital projects vancouver foundation grant to get all of the current and possible pig A or B needed housing set up…but i have managed to come up with both plans A and B which really won’t cost us more than a couple of thousand really well used and efficient dollars. and this means that we can now apply for the grant to FINALLY build and construct  much improved chicken and duck areas….those guys are long overdue to have a better planned and more up to date and comfortable home.

so i guess i better put my new thinking cap on and start planning some really good chicken and duck homes..the deadline to apply for the grant is oct.19th!

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  • colin says

    Hi Carol, I worked for Vancity for many years and they are very generous. You may be able to apply for a grant through their community initatives at the branch level. I no longer work there but you might want to try to see the Branch Managers in both the Mission and Maple Ridge Branches. Let me know if you need any help!


  • Lisa says

    I saw Charlotte & Wilbur on the noon news….apparently they are at the West Van SPCA. Eileen said they were going to a home – not sure she menat they are adoptable, found a home or meant you 😉
    She said they were from Cypress Bowl? How is that possible – where woudl they keep animals there?

  • Carol says

    they are arriving on friday..i just got the call today.
    we weren’t QUITE ready yet..thank god for Rent-A-Fence!!!!

  • Jenn says

    which news station Lisa?

  • Lisa says

    The tues spca feature at the end of the noon news hour

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