so i am wondering…

Posted: December 2, 2011 at 7:22 pm

who would be interested in joining me for a fun night out to support a very worthy animal rescue and a good friend of mine?

janice at hearts on noses pig sanctuary is having a really tough time. she is out of work right now and could really use some helping hands to help fill up the hay barn and feed bins for winter. hearts on noses is a pig sanctuary and home to 2 and a half large farm pigs (one is a cross between a pot and a farm pig) and 40 (ish) of the sweetest and loveliest pot belly pigs. pig rescue is a pretty hard endeavor to garner widespread and consistent support..most folks understand rescuing cats and dogs but don’t think of pigs needing rescue at all.

well…we all know that is not true cuz look who lives here!…and sometimes i feel bad about whining about feeling overwhelmed and pig saturated with only 5 pigs when i know janice is really struggling to care for almost 10 times as many and with far less help. (plus..quite selfishly…. i want rescue to be a bit easier for janice so she can keep helping pigs and then i won’t have to any more!!!!)

anyway….i could use a fun night out and i am not wasting my time having frivolous fun if it doesn’t benefit a bunch of animals so i think this is the perfect solution..i will go to janice’s “help her pigs eat this winter” pub night!!!

the tickets are $15 and this includes a burger (regular or chicken or veggie) and a drink…it is at the Haney public house in maple ridge on friday dec. 16th.

anyone into joining me to have some fun, relax for a bit and help some needy pigs?????


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