sharing dinner…again (this is why i like to eat out.)

Posted: December 12, 2011 at 6:25 pm

dinner tonight was…cream of wheat and a cup of milk (i still REALLY need to go grocery shopping!)

esther said…”may i have some please?”
i said..”it is cream of wheat, you won’t like it.”
esther said…”i am sure i will.”
so i gave her some and she did.

it is bad enough that i am reduced to eating cream of wheat for is even worse that i had to share it with esther.

i should have had jello again…esther doesn’t like jello.

smokey is sleeping. i have put the mp bldg to bed and had a hot bath and soaked my knee. esther and i shared dinner (god forbid, if that didn’t happen, esther’s world would be over.) so if i go and do the house diabetics and meds…..i think i am done for the day…bed buddies…make some room cuz here i come.

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