farm dreams.

Posted: December 29, 2011 at 7:42 am

2 vet runs today (ok 3 cuz one is a morning surgical drop off and late in the day pick up)…maybe goes in for her eye me it looks MUCH, MUCH better but not quite fully healed yet. and bruiser goes in for his dental and cyst removal.

also the security cameras are being installed today….2 to moniter people coming and going and 2 for the barn for monitering any sick animals during the nights.

we are also expecting a load in of an effort to cut operating costs we are going to try a load instead of the shavings we usually use. apparently they break down faster than shavings which is good because our manure pile is huge!

i am so hoping once all the bills are paid that we have enough money left to do a couple of more things…we need to get the current manure pile removed and we really need to bring in a bobcat and some gravel/new hog fuel and fix up the getting far too muddy areas….i have such a phobia about farm animal foot rot and mud.

we have one huge project that we have to complete before spring…that is refencing the lower pasture…emily got out last fall on the right side and a fallen tree took out the fencing on the left side. this will be such a huge expense…not sure how we will manage it but if we want to use that field for the farm animals, we will have to find it someway.

we also need to come up with a barn area hospital/recovery/very frail barn animal shelter and small paddock….it is much needed for edith, caroline, and pops long term and temporarily for someone acutely but temporarily ill, like pete. big sigh…that will cost even more big bucks.

actually what we need is a bigger farm..anyone know anyone who could give us one? bunny keeps buying us BC49 tickets and i keep buying the 649/lottomax but so far the powers that be haven’t decided to let us win anything. message to heaven…hello there, we really would put the money to very good use!

the good news is the vancouver foundation has very kindly awarded us a $15,000 grant to tear down and rebuild a decent barn yard bird housing and outside pen area which our birds so badly need.

oh well…i can sit around and wish for a better tomorrow or i can get dressed and slog thru today.

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