i am going to be blunt…. so take the ouch if it applies and don't do it again.

Posted: January 7, 2012 at 8:18 am

what comes to saints is for the use of saints…for everyone…no exceptions, staff and volunteers. if it is not for communal and equal use then it shouldn’t be left here. folks are more than welcome to be odd like tammy and purchase their own favorite feeding marvin food bowl and bring it with them when they come here each day and take said favorite bowl home again so it doesnt get lost or broken.


imagine my disappointment and irritation when i discovered that the staff were working with 2 rickety and loose and broken manure forks..and half a dozen prefectly good and easier to use ones were hidden and stashed in crosby’s vacant house.. if it belongs personally to someone else..then it shouldn’ be left here cuz i get royally pissed off when people leave their personal shit here. how the hell am i supposed to know and be responible for what is freely given for saints and what has is only for use on certain days?

we don’t hide shit here for our own personal use. it belongs to saints or it doesn’t and if it doesn’t, don’t leave it here.

we recognise that the work being done for these animals is being done 7 days a week and that work is hard for everyone and everyone deserves to be able to work with decent equipment.

so just a reminder,,,if saints needs new manure forks so there are enough good ones to go around..then tell me and i will buy some. but if there are enough for everyone to use..then please let other people use them too.

if folks want their own personal equipment, then once purchased..don’t leave it here. if it has been given to saints, it belongs to saints with no strings attached…and if it belongs personally to someone for their use only, then take it home at the end of each day cuz we don’t have the room to store personal belongings.

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  • On a potentially related note, does Saints have a wish list posted somewhere? I’m out thrift store shopping all the time and I would be happy to look for items on my travels (I’m already keeping an eye out for flannel flat sheets 🙂

  • Helga says

    One thing I always look for at the thrift stores is any kind of polar fleece blanket. They are light, cuddly, easy to wash and dry and don’t fray if they get ripped.

  • Jenn says

    Lori we do have a wish list posted here: http://www.saintsrescue.ca/helping/wishlist.htm but is mostly for different types of animal feed and treats. There are other supplies that we use often such as good quality mops, mop buckets, brooms and dust pans that we are usual in need of.

  • Barbara says

    On a totally different topic–I see the Shelter Challenge 2012 starts on Monday. I assume SAINTS will be participating again…

  • Mo says

    In my defense Sorry but there were 2 forks stashed, which left 4 still available.. 2 good ones , 1 half decent (only missing 1 tooth) and 1 really crappy one.

    and I am one of those weird people who like my own things..perhaps it’s because of coming from a large family & having to share everything or get hand me downs.. I will work on that

  • sheila says

    LOL – busted Maureen.

  • Tammy says

    Marvin’s food bowl is as special as he is, I can always get him to eat a couple cans of food with it.
    Also I think he knows the bowl is his when he sees it.

  • Carol says

    you are too funny..of course he knows, every time he sees that freaking red food bowl he knows you are going to sit down with him on your lap and patiently wait while he stuffs his face.

  • Tammy says

    Like I said he is sensitive, sometimes I actually have to jumpstart him eating by spoon feeding him.
    However when it is all over and he has had his fill of one or two cans, we both feel better that his tummy is full.

  • Emma says

    Tammy you are a soft touch! 😉

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